Thursday, July 14, 2011

The true meaning of "Success"

An Inner Satisfaction

 Success - In The roots in Sanskrit explains Success very well. 
                      Su(or Sa) - "Good/more positive"
                      Access - "accessed/obtained/understood through experience"
The above meanings give us a new way to look into what success is.
     Another way to look into Success - "sucks yes yes", a new meaning!  We "suck" at the things to reach our goal till our heart says "yes yes", like how bee sucksnectar till it is satisfied.  This looks so funny!

Many great personalities said "Success - is a journey".  Yes, it's a journey for not to achieve once but to maintain same in life.  Once we get success,  it's not over!  We need to work hard than we worked to achieve it.  Need to be more creative, more open, much fast than before.  Isn't it right?

The question is "What is SUCCESS ?".  if we think little sensibly - "whatever you do as per you wish - is a success".  For example,
1)  A boy wanted to reach school by 9 AM and he reached.
2)  A girl needed to complete the work by evening.  And she completed it by evening.
3)  Marketing guy is successfull, once, he completes his target.
4)  A Team Leader gets success, once, he completes the project in time with his team members.  This includes individual successes of the team members.

Not only the above situations.  Whatever, the work is, how hard it may be - once you complete it as per your wish, you feel successfull.

Now-a-days many people says "there is no time".  Time is always 24 hours only.  You are the one who need to plan & utilise the time effectively and achieve what you wanted.
Youngsters have lots of energy.  They put their efforts in Dreaming most of the time.  Only some will use their time effectively.  It doesn't mean that put time in academic books only.  Use the time in which you are interested in.  These are not olden days to fear about the growth in a particular field.  Every field is equal now.

     Don't worry about growth in career, become an expert in the field you chosen which automatically leads you in front place of competition.  Never under estimate yourself.  Everyone is unique in this world. You will have your own ways & put effort to move in new ways.

Do the above paragraph is talking about success?  Yes, it is.  The intention of the above paragraph is to clearly explain what really success is.   Success, doesn't relates to the outside world/how others perceive you.  It's about your Internal Pleasure.  Your actions for your best performance.

      To achieve Success, be sincere towards yourself and your goal.  The present day people, think, Success means "letting others know about us, getting good money and fame".  But
Real Success is "Satisfying your inner" by achieving something you wished, started & ended.

Success is Success

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